To Tony Visual Events



The Story:

First there was Dan. Dan had To Tony Productions which also shot weddings. Then Dan met Lauren. Lauren was a waitress with a strong background in design and marketing. Dan and Lauren fell in love almost instantly over a whiskey ginger and a war movie. As their relationship blossomed, Lauren started helping Dan put little feminine design touches on his wedding videography. These touches bloomed into further ideas and the final decision to make it its own being, To Tony Visual Events co-owned by Lauren and Dan.

The Idea:

To Tony Visual Events strives to create cinematic records of the events that make up life. Memories may get old with time, but our hope is to preserve them with an elegance and flair to depict the events beautifully as it happened. Lauren’s strong design background and feminine touches comb through Dan’s years of video and film experience to create a time capsule. Every event has a different vibe that needs its own style, so working close with our clients is paramount to the process. Besides, Lauren is a social butterfly so she wants to hear all about the spectacular event you have planned regardless.

The Nomenclature:

To Tony is a dedication to Anthony Ranocchia III who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 14. Tony carried a spirit of originality and passion in his short time that inspired Daniel from a young age and is continually carried through to today. Each new project, client, and event is a new chance to help carry Tony’s ideals in life. It may sound silly but To Tony is a beautiful amalgamation of the pain of loss carried over to a dedication for quality cinematic videography.

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