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Our Family


Our Family

Just like any good family, we have a full range of backgrounds and personalities backing our success.

Here is our family tree.


Daniel Hess - Lead Videographer

            Daniel Hess is a graduate of Towson University‚Äôs Electronic Media and Film Department class of 2012. Daniel was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland with a passion for academics as well as film. Growing up Daniel enjoyed Godzilla films and many cultures from around the world. He started writing stories at a young age and as he grew up began to want to see his creations come to life. Once at Towson Daniel worked on several short films which were accepted into various film festivals and won the Towson 72 Hour Film Festival in 2011. He founded To Tony Productions in memory of his cousin Anthony Ranoiccha III who passed away from CF at the age of 14 in 2009 and takes all the key cinematic knowledge into each project he works on.


Lauren Hamm - Marketing and Design Specialist

While working her way through design school, Lauren found herself consulting small businesses and startups in social media, networking, and marketing. Growing up in a business household taught her exactly how important customer happiness and alertness to detail really makes the experience an unforgettable one. Lauren fills the spaces between work by picking up design projects and expeditions around the eastern coast.